An Experience at the Jamaica Stock Exchange

Initially my perception of a stock market was visualizing a huge amount of persons biding on prices in a big building but as I got a little older through an overview explained by my mother, that it was more about persons investing their money in a company to reap the profits of that company. Although that definition gave me a fair understanding I never knew the depth of it until I visited the Jamaica Stock Exchange along with my colleagues.

My expectations of the visit was that it would be exciting, there would be a tour and live hands on operations of the company. That vision however was not the reality of the visit but rather being taken into a room to view information via a projector

Nevertheless the three presenters from the company were able to effectively elucidate the ins and outs of The Jamaica Stock Exchange. My understanding of this venture is now clearer and the sufficient materials that were provided to us, definitely has made me very interested in possibly purchasing shares in a company. (Of course when I am financially stable)

My First Business Venture

Recently I started a small business venture. “Selling Kiss Cakes” During my two week break from school I returned to my native country Barbados. Before I departed Jamaica to go home, I had high request from persons who wanted me to bring back kiss cakes for them which I gladly agreed upon as some of these persons were my close friends. While I was in Barbados I thought about the amount of persons I had to purchase kiss cakes for and the fact that kiss cakes were no longer on the market in Jamaica “They were in high demand.” I pitched the idea to my mother about purchasing boxes of kiss Cakes and selling them to persons at school which she agreed to as I am a full time student and wasn’t working.

I returned to Jamaica with two boxes of Kiss Cakes and carried them to school the second day I returned. Once word was out that the “Barbadian Girl” was selling Kiss Cakes persons were flocking to make purchases. The demand was so overwhelming that my second box already had persons who pre-ordered and paid. The profit was commendable and I had built a clientel. Now I have another shipment on the way and persons are eagerly awaiting the arrival.